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How to stop the economical crisis.


Time to change the world with reverced economical thinking.


Until today companies says ”Buy now, pay later” That mostly includes expensive loan and services from finance companies and banks. Let's exclude the banks and save the world from an economical collapse.


Now is the time of change. In crisis like now, Coronavirus or other crises, the consumers has to plan their future. And especially their consumtion future. Companies needs cashflow. If cashflow stops, companies will bankrupt. If many companies bankrupt there will be a national economical crisis. If many countries has the same problem, theres a global crisis, as now 2020, because of panic and that panic will lead to less consumtion and so on until everything collapse.


Insted of ”buy now, pay later” I say ”Pay now and consume later”! Companies as restaurants, teaters, cinemas, bar and pubs and all other as events and travelling companies are in a very bad situation now.

Let say that the consumer pay now and get 30% discount if you comsume after January 1st 2021. What will happened then? The companies will survive because the cashflow, They can pay their employees wages and the taxes as well as other costs as rents and electricity bills. That way they can survive until the crisis is over.


If the goverment set up a guarantee to pay back the consumer if the consumer cant use the bought option, it is optimally. Salaried employees receive salary payments as well as the tax will be paid. None will be unemployed because of Coronavirus. The government can set up a fund to pay the costs or giving discount to those companies that can handle this well and keep their employes and that has paid their taxes and run their business well until after the crisis.

They shall give help to the companies that fullfiled their obligations and the help shall cover the loss to the companies.


The world is now more and more dependent that consumers consume without a brake. Turnover cant take a brake. People want to support their favorite pub, their favorite restaurant, teather or cinema. Most people are creatures of habit. They want to support their local companies. The best way to do that in a crisis as now is to use the reversed economical thinking. If you like to go to cinema, should you buy 30 tickets to the price of 20, if you have to wait until 2021 to use them. Should you buy a trip to Somewhere that normally cost 1000 Euro, but you pay now 6500 Euro now but book the trip after January 2021. Probably you should. 


Do the consumer trust the company that sell an option? Well do you trust when you buy a vouchers? Do you trust the stock market? Do you trust the bank?

With a guarantee from the government that you get back the money if you cant use the option because of bankruptcy, the question should rather be ”do you trust your government”?


This is a win win win solution. The companies, the employees and the country. The employees get money to consume and the companies get money to consume and the gouvernment gets the taxes paid.


Dont wait. Lets us start now and save the world economy because we all are dependent.

Ove Törnemar 22 mars 2020.